Christmas Week

It is Christmas Week here at Tiger Cubs Day Nursery, all of our children are getting into the festive spirit and there are plenty of events planned for them to take part in during the week.

See our Facebook page for all of the pictures taken during Christmas Week. 

So, what has been going on during Christmas Week so far?


Day 1 - Christmas Walk 

Unfortunately, the weather was pretty miserable for our first week of Christmas, this didn't stop our Tiger Cubs though. They suited up into their wet weather gear to brave the elements and continue their Christmas walk. 

As the walk progressed the rain began to slow and eventually it began to snow. The kids were ecstatic to see the snow, running around at every opportunity they got. It was a shame that the snow would not lay, but the children enjoyed being out and about when it fell. 

Day 2 - Father Christmas  

Day 2 of our Christmas Week and we had a very special visitor... Father Christmas!! 🎅

With a big HO HO HO he walked into the nursery, presents in hand, ready to see who had been naughty or nice. 

Santa wasn't surprised when he checked his list to see all of our Tiger Cubs were on the nice list. 📝😊

He gathered up all the children and one by one they greeted Santa to receive their gifts. 🎁

The kids were extremely excited by the visit from Father Christmas as he left them all with big smiles on their faces! 

Day 3 - Crafts Day 

It was day 3 of our Christmas Week today and that meant our little cubs were getting creative for Christmas Crafts Day! 🖍️

There was plenty of gluing, painting, colouring, and playing being done by the children, who were getting stuck in to all of the activities. 🖌️

The nursery even sent out Christmas cards to all of the schools within the trust!

There are plenty of photos to see on our Facebook page!